How to pick a roller derby name and number

Pick a Roller Derby Name that matches your attitude
Pick a Roller Derby Name that matches your attitude

Coming up with a derby name is not so easy for some. Inspiration can be a bitch.For some skaters it can take  a long time to dream up the right name that you can wear with certainty.

For others, the name is right there for the taking. You have been walking around with it all your life. Perhaps it is your alter-ego, petname, etc.

Your skater name represents your identity – who you are. That can take some time to solidify. After all in a few words it describes who you are

Here are some roller derby name selection tips:

Your roller derby name should:

  • Convey your personality, passion and identity as a skater
  • Have a derby feel
  • Project a sense of toughness
  • Be funny, quirky or witty
  • Express confidence and intelligence
  • Have a retro feel (optional)

Many skaters find their name from history, pop culture, old news reels, vintage product names and trends, etc.

Gain inspiration from these websites:

The awesomest names use creativity, word play, puns, rhymes and double entendres.

Check out these 12 awesome skater names:

  1. Crush Limbaugh
  2. Smack Galifianakis
  3. Nuke Skywalker
  4. Princess Leah-pocalypse
  5. Eleanor Hoesevelt
  6. Lady MacDeath
  7. Skate Winslet
  8. The Lady and The Tramp Stamp
  9. Maul McCartney
  10. Hurt Vonneguts
  11. Moanin’ O’Brien
  12. Victoria VonDoom

To complicate it even further, you can’t have the same name as any skater anywhere on planet earth. And until we discover an alien civilization that has roller derby, maybe the universe.

That is because you might compete against that skater’s team at some point. Your first, second and third choices might be claimed. It’s ok, don’t give up.

Your options are:

  1. Alter the name slightly – Play with words, spellings, swap names and words in an out.
  2. Be extra inventive and keep looking. If you like the feel of one name but it is gone, look too today’s newspaper or a song lyric or mix and match names.

Here’s a method to choosing a derby name:

  1. Write a list of words, you like that inspire you.
  2. Write a list of action words that express your own unique nature
  3. Look for puns, rhymes
  4. Mix and match.
  5. Do internet searches on your favorite words or names to see what comes up.
  6. Use a thesaurus.
  7. Share the list of candidates and ask your friends and family to weigh in.

You will have this derby name as long as you are a derby skater. Do don’t settle for any name., pick one that defines you and your attitude and game.

It is also important to create a name that is nothing like your real name. Derby names are not used outside the sport, as a rule.

Keep in mind your name/number must be displayed on your uniform using 6 inch (10cm) high letters. It must be easy to read. A long name and number will be tough to fit across or back, so keep it a reasonable length.

Here are a few more ideas to help you pick a name:

  • Childhood or high school nicknames
  • Goofy or unusual things you do or have done in the past
  • Pet names
  • Favorite celebs, animated characters, books you love, songs or lyrics that are your fave
  • Quirky behaviors, hobbies, pastimes
  • Review our roster for inspiration, but no copying!
  • Ask other skaters for ideas. Brainstorm and crowd source!
  • Remember to check your name ideas against our roster before submitting.

Master roster rules:

Here is a summary of what the master roster rules around skater names say. The master roster rules can are found here:

Choosing a name:

  • Make sure you are committed to your league before putting a name on the roster. You should have attended practice regularly for at least a couple months.
  • Check skater names against the current version of the master roster before submitting them.
  • Duplicate skater names are strongly discouraged. The original skater must give written permission.
  • Written permission is also required from a retired skater if you use their name.
  • You will need permission from skaters with similar names:
    • Names that are pronounced similarly – for example: Paige Burner” and “Paige Burna”.
    • Names that are spelled similarly, for example,, “Paige Burner”, and “Page Burner”
    • These rules apply around names
      • Names that are too generic will be rejected. Examples: “Rollergirl”, “Skater”, etc.
      • Names that end in verbs  like “Speed Skater” is okay, but not “Speed Skating”
      • “First” names where First Name / Last Name combos exist. For example, no plain “Anne”, “Betty”, “Cherry”, and the like.
    • Even if you meet all name requirements, rejection is still at the discretion of the roster maintainers. Following the rules will provide you with the greatest chance of getting on the roster.

Retiring a name

  • Independent and retired status will only be granted to those skaters who were active members of their league. The skater will be listed  for one year from the date that the roster receives a request.  It is up to the skater and/or league to notify the roster at the end of that year of their status. The name will be deleted if the roster is not notified.
  • When you leave a league, it can request that your name be deleted. If you are moving or searching for a new league, or taking a break and don’t want your derby name deleted, it is your responsibility to notify the roster of a new affiliation (another league, independent or retired).

How to pick a roller derby number:

Once you have name you love, the next task is to select a number that goes with your name. It will be used to identify you in the bouts you skate in.

This will be easy for some, and others won’t care what it is. A number can have meaning for you or it can be random. Unlike your derby name, you doesn’t need a number that’s completely unique.

Here are some examples of how some skaters pick their names:

  • If you are a scientist maybe there is a nuclear weight you like
  • If you like to cook, maybe there a recipe with a measurement you use a lot
  • Maybe there is a number from a book you love
  • Your height, your area code, your address number, digits from an IP address, etc etc

Here are some examples of numbers that will help inspire you (borrowed from Cherry Rockette’s post):

  • 1200cc (Iona Harley)
  • 123floor (Rum N. Choke)
  • 12:00 (Cinderswella)
  • 1952 (Killa Fitzgerald)
  • 36DD (Demolition Dolly)
  • 6’2” (Dizzy Heights)
  • 65milB.C. (T.Rex Ya Face)
  • 8675309 (Slaughterama Mama)
  • 90210 (Beverly Kills)
  • 9mm (Patti Smith&Wesson)
  • AK-47 (Resident DeVil)
  • E=MC2(Lucky StaRr)
  • Ezekiel 25:17 (Pulp Friction)
  • IV(Nurse Naughty)
  • T-1000 (Terminate Her)
  • 36-24-36 (Cherry Rockette)
  • Back in 5 mins (Toxic Mama)
  • 15 ½ (A. Pocalypse)
  • $0.99/min (Wanda Whoop Ass)
  • .22 Calibre (Mia Culprit)
  • 00110001 (Terror Byte)
  • ½ pint (Peaches Rodriguez)
  • 100% (Sassy B. Yatch)
  • 103 degrees (Dr. Jenny Fever)