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Many of these tips, tricks, and rules were adopted from the original Roller Derby Master Roster at two evils is a record of skater names, numbers, league name and team names, regardless of track type or WFTDA/MRDA/JRDA affiliation. It has been put together just for fun, and to carry on the spirit and importance of the Roller Derby pseudonym.

Although the master roster is primarily filled with skater names, we also accept submissions for refs and NSOs, as we could not play this great sport with out their dedication, knowledge, and support.

When registering names, please keep the following in mind:

1. We strongly suggest that you check all of your league names and skater names against the current version of the master roster before submitting them. Duplicate and similar league and skater names are allowed, but really, what is the fun in that? Most of us didn’t get to choose the name our parents gave us, so here is your chance to go wild. Pick something that fits YOU, your unique personality and skating persona. Besides, the world isn’t big enough for two “Bonnie Thunders.”

2. Currently skaters are invited to submit their names and then they will be approved by our administrators. This is done to keep the roster updated quickly and to prevent spam or inappropriate submissions.

3. Creativity is encouraged.

4. League names are listed for tracking and informational purposes only. If you would like us to link to your league’s home page please include that information in your submission. If you change leagues it is your responsibility to log in and update your information. **Coming Soon

5. If you are updating your name please note this in the comment section so the correct changes can be made.

6. Updates are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and approved as soon as possible.

7. Once you feel that your life can no longer include the high demand of roller derby there is the option to change your status from active to retired. Simply check the box marked retired and your name will live on in infamy, even if you no longer have 8 wheels under you.